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Unicorn Tutu and Headband in Rainbow - Small

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Unicorn Tutu and Headband in Rainbow - Small is perfect for parties or dress ups at home

Let your child dance around in this gorgeous pink tutu made especially for fun dress ups or as a simple dance costume. Combined with a t-shirt or leotard and the included unicorn horn your child will look simply gorgeous in this little outfit.

Features :

  • Made from a soft satin feel material and colourful netting, the tutu skirt is sewn to give as much volume as possible.
  • Bright rainbow colours are accented by aqua blue and matching ribbons. Please note each colour is a separate section designed to give volume and movement.
  • A shimmering white and gold unicorn horn sits atop a rainbow flower embellished headband.
  • The headband and tutu waistband are both completly encased in satin ribbon to ensure no itching occurs.
  • The Unicorn Tutu and Headband in Rainbow comes in 3 sizes  :
    • Small - suitable for 2 to 4 year old children, 42cm waist circumference, 24cm long.
    • Medium - suitable for 3 to 5 year old children, 46cm waist circumference, 28cm long
    • Large - suitable for 5 to 8 year old children, 50cm waist circumference, 30cm
  • This version is the Small size. 

Let you child experience the joy of twirling around in this bright Unicorn Tutu and Headband in Rainbow.

The Rainbow Tutu Skirt is delivered folded and packed and we recommend a quick iron on a medium setting for the maximum effect.